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We all have   a story to tell...

but rarely does someone craft such an expansive and varied memoir, full of life, love, travels, disappointments, and achievements. Told by first-time author Ken Libertoff, Snapshots of a Life shares universal truths in a conversational tone exhibiting resiliency, family pathos, insight, and humor. From the bleachers at old Ebbets Field in Brooklyn, Boggiano’s Bar and Grill in Rockaway, and NYC basketball courts, to a full career as a mental health advocate in New England with work and travel to South Africa, Botswana, and Swaziland, the stories here capture his life in various settings while never losing sight of home. Libertoff’s sense of humor and wit pervades, even in dark moments, providing rays of sunshine that give hope, meaning, and perspective to a life well lived.

Snapshots of Snapshots...

Snapshots of a Life -Howard Dean
Snapshots of a Life -David Fassler, MD
Snapshots of a Life -Erika Heilman
Snapshots of a Life -Mark Redmond
Snapshots of a Life -Bernie Lambek
Snapshots of a Life -Rick Winston
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A Life Well Lived.

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